Local Development Projects

Here are some links to information about development applications or ongoing projects that may affect residents of Carp and the region.

This information about projects and development applications is received from the City through routine messages to the President of the HCA.  We are passing this on to the community for information purposes only.  You can search the City’s “Development Applications” website anytime for more detailed information and updates; all projects can be searched under Ward 5. If you wish to ask a question or comment on the proposal, the contact information for the assigned City Planner will be listed for each proposal.

This is not intended to be a full list of projects, but we will update the list as new messages are received.  Both independent and City-initiated projects may be listed.

Links will open in a new tab in your browser.

Note:  We have noticed that some of these links are not currently working, so we are looking in to the issue.  Changes to the City of Ottawa’s web site may be the source of the problem.

  1. General Information: (PDF File) The City of Ottawa 2012 Carp Community Design Plan
  2. Amendments to the floodplain overlay, approved by City Council (see item 5, 23 October 2019)
  3. Carp Water Treatment Facility Upgrades
  4. 2596 Carp Road Concrete Batching Plant
  5. Notice of Passing of By-law 2019-320 (regarding 2596 Carp Road, above)
  6. 210/215/220 Maple Creek Court – phased warehouse development
  7. 1020-1070 March Road Zoning By-law Amendment
  8. 1020-1070 March Road Plan of Subdivision
  9. Official Plan Amendment – Reduction of Single Detached Housing Percentage Requirement
  10. 200 Golden Line Road Zoning Amendment
  11. Highway 417 and March Road Interchange Improvements
  12. Ward Boundary Review 2020
  13. Planning Circulation – 147 Langstaff Drive
  14. Application Summary (Amended) – 147 Langstaff Drive
    This is an amended version of the Application Summary from item 14 above.

  15. 2727 Carp Road – Subdivision
  16. Committee of Adjustment (Panel 3) Agenda July 8 2020 (188 Robertlee)
  17. 200 Russ Bradley Road (Carp Airport) – CannaGenetics Cannabis Production Facility
  18. 437 Donald B. Munro – Christine McCuaig, Maple Leaf Custom Homes
  19. 2822 Carp Road – Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control submission for 2 commercial buildings and Automobile Body Shop zoning.
  20. 927 March Road Subdivision
  21. March Road Sanitary and Watermain Upgrades (Notice to Residents)
The Huntley Community Association: Carp Ontario

The Huntley Community Association: Carp Ontario