Pickleball Registration Incomplete

Our payment system through Paypal did not detect a successful completion of payment for your Pickleball registration. Your registration details were recorded, however the fee payment did not complete successfully.

Warning: We have had a report that this error message was incorrectly issued when a phone is used to submit a registration instead of a computer. If you believe your payment may have completed successfully, you may want to verify this before re-submitting the payment.

Payment is usually made by credit card or debit card (processed through Paypal) or with your Paypal account.  If these methods are not suitable at this time and you wish to complete the registration process by using an alternate payment process, feel free to contact the convenor for other options.

We also offer an alternate payment option using an interface to our “Square” payment system, which can be accessed below. Please let the convener know if you decide to use the alternate payment system so we can match the payment to the correct registration.

If you did not complete the payment for other reasons such as incorrect information in your application, you can just repeat the application process. Your registration details from your first attempt will then be discarded.

Alternate Payment System

If you are having trouble completing your Pickleball registration fee using our interface to Paypal, you can use our alternate payment system that will be processed through Square. These buttons will open the Square payment page in a new tab. Please select the number of players your are registering:

Note: The Square payment system may ask you to enter your credit card details, however it will also accept Visa Debit and Interac card payments.

A receipt will be sent to the email address that you specify on the payment page. This could take a couple of minutes to arrive.

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