Gift the Village a Decorative Christmas Basket

Christmas Basket

Carp has shown its Christmas Spirit Again!

Most of the decorative HCA Christmas baskets that were placed along Carp Road and Donald B Munro Drive in downtown Carp have now been sponsored. The economy today can be challenging for a lot of people, so we want to thank all of those who gifted the village this year.

This amazing community has turned our little project into a wonderful testimony to their love of the village and in several cases, remembrance of family and friends who in the past inspired all of us with their own community spirit. Enjoy the baskets during this season of peace and goodwill. 

Merry Christmas Carp!

Our generous donors have been thanked on the HCA Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Here again we’d like to acknowledge their generosity and community spirit.

  • Samantha Day, for Old Huntley Orchard.
  • In beloved memory of Denny, Margaret and family have gifted Carp a Christmas basket.
  • Robert Eves, for the Eves family and Maple the Christmas Dog.
  • The Caldwell Family – In loving memory of Scott Caldwell
  • Audrey & Ken Reid, In memory of our parents Francis & Mary Muldoon and Ken & Lillian Reid
  • Tara Azulay, in Memory of Jean Azulay
  • Mastermind Event Rentals
  • Béatrice & Julian Romeskie, in honour of all our community volunteers
  • Peter and Pat Jones
  • Sean Webster & Brenda Kulas
  • Geoff Falls for the Falls Family
  • Lisa Kyte, for West Physio
  • Jean Karst and Steve Fahie
  • Randy and Daphne Hanna, for Carp Valley Electric Inc.
  • Shirene Graham, in memory of her Dad
  • Lauren Coburn, Coldwell Banker Coburn Realty
  • Alison and Peter Green, in memory of Stuart Henry and Jean Green
  • Sheila and Dan Stumpf
  • Charlie Argue, in memory of his wife Nancy
  • David Vanderzon, in memory of Polly O’Brien from the Vanderzon and Sparkes families

Big Thanks to all the donors, and Best Wishes for the Christmas season to everyone.

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