Ice Hockey (outdoor)

Hockey, as it was originally and meant to be, played outdoors!

There is nothing better to break the silence of a crisp winter morning, or evening, than the sound of skates carving up a fresh sheet of ice,….the sound of a puck hitting wooden boards,… or the encouraging cheers of mom and dad as their little guy or girl chases after the puck.  Cold toes, rosy cheeks and hot chocolate are all part of the Canadian game, as well as outdoor hockey in Carp.

-Our program is co-ed, recreational, non contact and non competitive.
-Fees are much less than organized, indoor hockey.
-Our season depends totally on Mother Nature, typically running from late December-early January until late February-early March.
-For all skill levels, including beginners to skating and hockey.

Carp teams participate in the West Carleton Outdoor Hockey League.  Home games are played in Carp, while away games rotate between the communities of Kinburn, Fitzroy Harbour, Constance Bay and Dunrobin.
Games are typically played Saturday mornings, while practices take place once weekly, during the evenings.

Teams are comprised in the following co-ed, age groupings:
5-7 yrs, 8-9 yrs, 10-12 yrs, 13-15 yrs, and older teen (i.e. 16-17yrs) teams may be considered based on community interest.

-Full equipment is required:
(helmet and cage, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, “jock or jill” strap, knee pads, hockey pants)
-Neck guard and mouth guards are optional.
-Carp hockey jerseys and socks will be issued for use during the season.

For any additional inquiries, please email our Hockey Convenor:

West Carleton Outdoor Hockey League - 10-12 year olds - 2017 Season - Image credit G. Wetherall

West Carleton Outdoor Hockey League - 13-15 year olds - 2017 Season - Image credit G. Wetherall


The Huntley Community Association: Carp Ontario

The Huntley Community Association: Carp Ontario