Carp Fair Schedule

We just tried to access the Carp Fair website, and it seems to be having a problem. So we’ll try to give them a bit of a hand by reproducing their schedule poster below.

And here’s a printable version too.

Don’t forget to grab a Huntley Burger at the HCA Burger Booth while you’re there!

Carp Fair Starting

The 2022 Carp Fair is starting tonight.

Don’t forget to grab a delicious Huntley Burger while you’re there!

CBBCA 2022 Terry Fox Run

The West Carleton and Constance Bay Terry Fox run is coming soon, on Sunday September 18 2022. This event is being organized through the Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Association.

For more information and registration, see the Terry Fox Run page on the CBBCA website.

Terry Fox Run

HCA Canteen News – Fast Pitch Tournament

Don’t go hungry (or thirsty)
at the Fast Pitch Championships

Huntley Burger ….. Mmmmmmm

The Softball Canada Men’s U23 Canadian Fast Pitch Championship is almost here – Coming to Carp next week! (August 2-7 2022)

The Huntley Community Association’s canteen will be open in the community centre, selling snacks, cold drinks and coffee! Open Tuesday to Sunday next week, from 10:00 am onwards.

And on Wednesday only – get a famous Huntley burger, hot dog or bacon on a bun!

Get your bacon on a bun from 10:00 to 11:30 am
Get your Huntley burger (or hot dogs) from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm

Get your refreshments and enjoy our new patio! Buy your meal tickets at the canteen and pick up your food at the burger tent. Please use the patio entrance to access the community centre, as the front door be locked.

The West Carleton Amateur Sports Club will also have a beer tent and food available at the outdoor rink.

Bring your water bottles
to the Huntley Community Centre

Coming to the Softball Canada Men’s U23 Canadian Fast Pitch Championship in Carp next week?

Bring your water bottle to refill at the Huntley Community Association community centre’s new water fountain!

Please note – bottled water will not be sold at the canteen. However, snacks, coffee and other cold beverages will be available for purchase!

Canadian Fast Pitch U23 Men’s Championship coming to Carp!

Coming to Carp August 2nd to 7th

Carp Heritage Walk

Click here for information about the Carp Heritage Walk, a project to develop a self-guided walking tour in Carp.

Glen Cairn Men’s Fastpitch Tournament

The Glen Cairn Men’s Fastpitch Tournament is in Carp this weekend, June 10-12.

Come out and watch the games!

When: Friday, June 10 beginning in the evening until Sunday, June 12 in the afternoon
Where: The HCA diamonds on the Carp Fairgrounds

Admission is free. Canteen refreshments at the Community Centre will be available to purchase!

Scrap Metal and Electronic Recycling Drive

HCA Candidates Debate Cancelled

Candidates Debate Cancelled
Candidates Debate Cancelled

With regret, the Huntley Community Association will not be hosting the planned online Candidates Debate this evening May 25.  Only two of the candidates have been able to confirm, many residents are without online service and our moderator does not have a 100% reliable way to participate this evening.  Thank you for your interest and your commitment of your time to the debate.  Hopefully, when the municipal elections come up this fall we will be safe to hold an in-person debate a the HCA Mess Hall facility.

Huntley Community Association

2022 Annual General Meeting

The Huntley Community Association: Carp Ontario

The Huntley Community Association: Carp Ontario