2023 Carp Winter Carnival

The 2023 Carp Winter Carnival is coming soon! Set your calendar for February 17 and 18, and join in for all the fun.

See the schedule and all the activities planned, on the announcement page.

And reserve your Spaghetti Dinner today! Served for take-out or eat-in at the Mess Hall on Craig Side Road

Outdoor Hockey Registration is Closed

Registration for the Outdoor Hockey program for 2023 is now closed. Please contact the outdoor hockey convenor for further information.

Sponsor a Carp Christmas Basket for the town today! (Sponsorship programme complete)

13th Annual Santa Claus Parade

December 10th 2022, 6:00PM. Details on the Parade Announcement page.

Outdoor Hockey Registration for 2023 Season Now Open

November Scrap Metal and Electronics Drive

Municipal Election All-Candidates Meeting

Thanks to everyone who participated in our All-Candidates Meeting on October 12. It was very well attended and there was lots of information to be gained from the questions and answers by the candidates. We hope it gave people some ideas about who they would like to represent us in the next City Council. Now we have to wait and see who that will be … and we hope everyone exercises their right to vote for their choice!

The Ward 5 2022 municipal election All-Candidates meeting will be hosted by the Huntley Community Association next Wednesday, October 12th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the Agricultural Hall at the Carp Fairgrounds, 3790 Carp Road. We have rented this larger venue instead of using our Mess Hall where we normally host our debates in order to allow for greater community participation. This is an in-person event and there will be no Zoom feed of the event. This will be an excellent opportunity for residents to see the candidates and hear their views.

The meeting will feature Ward 5’s candidates for the 2022 municipal election which will be held on Monday, Oct. 24. There are seven candidates looking to represent West Carleton-March on City Council. Only 6 have participated in the campaign so far and all of them will be attending our event. The list of candidates for the debate is:

Clarke Kelly, Nagmani Sharma, Greg Patacairk, Stephanie Maghnam, Sasha Duguay and Ian Madill.

All six candidates recently participated in a debate in Kinburn and also the Rogers TV debate.

We will be taking questions for consideration in advance by email at and at the door. If time permits we may be able to take questions from the floor.

Since many of our residents are vulnerable to Covid we ask those coming to the event to wear masks if possible. Chairs will be spaced appropriately for this indoor venue. Please do not attend if you are sick. Seating is first come first served and the doors open at 6:30 pm.

Donations to offset the cost of staging the debate will be accepted at the door.

For more information email

Carp Fair Schedule

We just tried to access the Carp Fair website, and it seems to be having a problem. So we’ll try to give them a bit of a hand by reproducing their schedule poster below.

And here’s a printable version too.

Don’t forget to grab a Huntley Burger at the HCA Burger Booth while you’re there!

Carp Fair Starting

The 2022 Carp Fair is starting tonight.

Don’t forget to grab a delicious Huntley Burger while you’re there!

CBBCA 2022 Terry Fox Run

The West Carleton and Constance Bay Terry Fox run is coming soon, on Sunday September 18 2022. This event is being organized through the Constance and Buckham’s Bay Community Association.

For more information and registration, see the Terry Fox Run page on the CBBCA website.

Terry Fox Run
The Huntley Community Association: Carp Ontario

The Huntley Community Association: Carp Ontario