Outdoor Hockey 2020-2021

Dear Families of Past Carp Outdoor Hockey Players and Newly Interested Families;

We suppose it comes with no surprise to confirm that sadly, this year’s ODR season possibilities have come to a close. While we tried to maneuver around the pandemic, the provincial lockdown and remaining winter months, made it difficult to turn this year into a reality.

We hope you are having the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities with your families and we look forward to revitalizing our precious ODR league next year.

We encourage all families to get out and take advantage of your local outdoor rinks. Keep in mind at this time pucks and sticks are still not allowed on the ice surfaces.

Stay healthy, warm, and safe!

Your ODR Convenors

Ian Urbach & Erin Carriere
HCA ODH Co-Convenors

The Huntley Community Association: Carp Ontario

The Huntley Community Association: Carp Ontario