Concussion Code of Conduct, Athletes and Parents

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Concussion Code of Conduct for Athletes and Parents/Guardians (for athletes under 18 year of age)

By Ontario law, this form must be completed annually by athletes under 26 years of age and parents/guardians of athletes under 18. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory by O.Reg. 161/19:General

If you have already completed this section, you can start the player registration process by going to the next step, which is the 2024 Softball Player Registration.

Please review the Concussion Code of Conduct for Athletes and Parents. Also, one of the Concussion Awareness Resources must be reviewed annually.

Note: Some of the documents referenced in the following sections are documents that were first developed for the 2022 HCA Outdoor Hockey program. Although they may refer to that program, the conditions apply equally to the HCA Softball program and other HCA-sponsored sports programs that involve minors.

These documents are available as PDF files. Instead of signing a paper copy, you can acknowledge that you have completed these requirements using the form below.

Reference Materials for Athletes and Parents

Other Reference Material

For future reference, the following documents are also available for printing or saving to your computer:

Statements to be acknowledged in the form below:

  1. I acknowledge that I have fully reviewed and commit to the “Concussion Code of Conduct for Athletes and Parents”.
  2. I also agree that I have completed an annual review of one of the “Concussion Awareness Resources” offered by the Province of Ontario.

These two items are available in the “Reference Materials for Athletes and Parents” section above.

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