2023 Softball Rowan’s Law Agreement Complete

This page is no longer used. After completion of the Rowan’s Law form, the form now takes the user directly to the player registration page. This simplifies the steps, and avoids the potential of users thinking they are finished registration following the Rowan’s Law part. The player registration page has a small acknowledgment of the Rowan’s Law completion, then goes into the registration details. This page has been kept for explanatory reasons only.

Thank you for completing the Rowan’s Law Agreement section. This is a requirement by Ontario law that applies to athletes under the age of 18 and parents/guardians of those athletes. Confirmation of your response is sent to the email address supplied by you. If you do not see the confirmation within a few minutes please check your Junk mail folder.

Your Softball Player Registration is not complete yet. You still need to complete the registration for each player on the following player registration page. Please continue the registration details by clicking on the button below.

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